Respect for your Data*

*Also titled as 'Privacy Policy' by companies who most often don't respect yours.

We've built this website, and operate our company, with strong privacy-by-default principles.

We do not collect any direct or indirect personal information about you on this website when you visit it.
We do not use “cookies,” small bites of code that would allow us to identify unique users by a temporary device-related ID. We host our Website on Webflow, whose privacy policy is here.

Some of you will voluntarily share some personal information with us when you sign up for newsletters (such as your e-mail address) or when you reach out to us via our contact form. We will not rent or sell this voluntarily shared data to third parties without your explicit consent, unless required by law. If we are compelled to share data about users with law enforcement, we will attempt to notify those users.


We take reasonable steps to protect the data that we collect. The data that we store is encrypted. We use HTTPS and enable 256-bit SSL to encrypt the data sent to and from our website. Secure Frame Headers is also activated to protect our site from several kinds of clickjacking attacks by restricting where it can be embedded.

However, although we make sincere efforts to store information collected in a secure environment, we cannot guarantee complete security and possible attacks against the services we use.


We do not run Google Analytics on this website (see why here), rather we're happy to use and support                , a simple, fast, and cookie-free alternative that strives to do things more sustainably.


Our privacy policy will likely evolve as our website evolves. We promise to update it when our practices change and to be transparent about what we’ve changed and why we’ve made those changes.
Last updated: January 2021.

What's next?

We're currently working on transitioning to an e-mail service we'll feel good about: such as ProtonMail or Fastmail. Our internal communication tool is now Signal, since we've decided not to use WhatsApp anymore.
We don't store our documents and information on Google Drive either, and we're thinking of using ProtonDrive or pCloud, as well as rooting our internet activities through ProtonVPN.

Although those measures could sound a bit too much to some, we strongly believe privacy and data protection are not about having something to hide, but rather fundamental rights. We're happy to do our part.